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An estranged lesbian couple's counseling session reveals the existence of a hidden and dangerous world.

Directed and Edited by Abe Goldfarb | Written by Mac Rogers | Produced by Bryan Enk

Premiere Screening: April 2, 2018


Performed by Maine Anders, Rosebud, Brian Silliman and Kristen Vaughan  

 Cinematography by Abe Goldfarb and Patrick Shearer


Assistant Direction and Sound Design by Patrick Shearer 


Art Direction and Set Decoration by Christiaan Koop


Special Makeup Effects by Stephanie Cox-Williams


Sound Recording by Erin Chaney and Mark Sanders 


Costume Design by Karen Flood


Production Management by Rebecca Comtois, Bryan Enk and Christiaan Koop


Music by Jean-Luc Sinclair 


Filmed on location in Brooklyn and Queens, NY, March-April 2017.








"An inventive, genre-bending story that’s well-acted and very competently directed … you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll rarely, if ever, have seen anything quite like it." - Rich Cross, Starburst Magazine


"It's got imagination in bucketloads. It's just so well written, the characters are so fascinating ... It would be a shame if people bypassed something like this in favour of not particularly impressive, empty, big studio fare because it's way better than most of that stuff." - Dr. Lauren McIntyre & Darren Gaskell, The Horrorcist


"The Horror at Gallery Kay is as socially relevant as The Shape of Water and as unnerving as a Lovecraft tale told by Rod Serling ... an EXCELLENT example of what a talented cast and crew can accomplish with a minimum amount of resources." - Cory Carr, Slaughter Film


"A beautifully crafted film [that] feels like it was birthed from somewhere between Lynch and Lovecraft ... The acting, directing, script and cinematography are all of award-winning quality." - Justin Hamelin, Ravenous Monster


"Much of the joy of this movie comes through the steadiness of its revelations ... an effective slowburn, a must for those who appreciate creative, low-budget horror with a patient, character-driven approach." - David Robson, The House of Sparrows


"It feels like H.P. Lovecraft and Richard Matheson getting together and writing a Night Gallery feature film … Fantastic performances … I love a film that gets me thinking and involved in what's going on [and] The Horror at Gallery Kay did just that." - Malcolm Johnson, The Horror Show


"[An] excellent movie with an incredibly powerful emotional core. Heartbreaking." - C. Dennis Moore, Movie Rewind


"A well acted and stunning film ... the entire cast is phenomenal and works perfectly together." - Blacktooth, Horror Society

"A very intriguing and emotionally deep story … hearkens back to films like David Lynch’s Eraserhead mixed with John Cassavetes’ Faces … there are plenty of questions, feelings, and interpretations to keep you coming back to this one." - Jeremie Sabourin, Cinema Smack

"Thoughtful, poetic, and imaginative storytelling ... the on-screen chemistry between all three of the protagonists is absolutely amazing." - Wormwood, Nevermore Horror


Listen to the audio commentary for The Horror at Gallery Kay featuring director Abe Goldfarb and screenwriter Mac Rogers.

Rent or purchase the film on Prime Video and begin the audio track below when the text "Third Lows Productions presents" appears (right after the Third Lows logo).

You can stream the commentary track or download the mp3 file (approx. 72 MB).
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