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The Sinster Six was an annual horror anthology series created and curated by Bryan Enk featuring six short horror films by six directors. The four installments were The Sinister Six (2006), Son of Sinister Six (2007), Bride of Sinister Six (2008), and Sinister Six Must Be Destroyed (2009). The fourth and final installment was a theatrical exclusive and is unavailable for viewing.


 0. Paul and Doug Ross vs. Trucker Ghost dir. Bryan Enk (timecode: 00:00)

1. The Curious Case of R.M. Renfield dir. Bryan Enk (02:35)

2. Surrender dir. Mateo Moreno (13:33)

3. The Haunted Ghost dir. Art Wallace (31:28)

4. Still Life dir. Daniel McKleinfeld (36:34)

5. Feed the Beast dir. Matt Gray (45:04)

6. Overtime dir. Eric Eckstein (52:03)

Premiere Screening: October 29, 2006


 PRE-SHOW: Serpenti dir. Eric Eckstein (timecode: 00:10)

PRE-SHOW: Hot Naked Prison Chicks in the Shower vs. the Aliens trailer dir. Bryan Enk (01:22)

PRE-SHOW: Bride of Sinister Six (2008) trailer dir. Bryan Enk (01:51)

PRE-SHOW: The Brothers Ross Remember Grandma dir. Bryan Enk (05:31)

1. The Were-Man dir. Dan Maccarone (08:20)

2. deadbeat (n.) dir. Mateo Moreno (22:33)

3. When Darkness Comes dir. Art Wallace (35:57)

4. The Ugly Future dir. Adam Waltner (44:24)

5. The Water Cooler: A Tale of Misdirected Passion dir. Daniel McKleinfeld (54:39)

6. The Call of Death dir. Eric Eckstein (01:07:14)

Premiere Screening: October 27, 2007


 0. Heading Home dir. Jane Rose (timecode: 00:00)

1. Thursday dir. Robin Reed (10:42)

2. Watching dir. Gyda Arber (19:14)

3. The Box dir. Sally McKleinfeld (30:36)

4. The Poison Kiss dir. Hope Cartelli (38:35)

5. Crack dir. Christiaan Koop (55:19)

6. Dinner Date dir. Rebecca Comtois (1:05:14)

Premiere Screening: October 30, 2008

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